How about daily routine?

Between reflexes and self-discipline Simon Sinek is one of my favourite authors and speakers. When you are a parent of teenagers, hearing him sharing your ideas about how to raise them, support them and empower them feels comforting. Introducing the notion of self-discipline to a teenager who is searching to have

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What do you do when you wake up?

Morning routine Have you ever thought that the first minutes of your day may have a strong influence on how the rest of the day unwinds?  I have never given it too much thought, being a morning bird and all. But after stumbling on all those information about successful people and their day

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When to call me

You have the right to feel less powerful sometimes. Or simply to not know where to head to, out of so many choices. You may hesitate. Or you may need to see thinks from a different angle. I can help you make the choice. I would make you see you are brave. You are worth it. Whatever the issue you bring on the table, I will show you that you know how to handle it best.

Let’s talk.

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