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Face to face session

Location: Our HQ or client’s preference

Duration: 60 minutes

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About Yourself

You and your goals

If you are reading this, what brought you here is what you should hold on to. That urge to change something, anything, as you feel that you cannot just continue as you used to do. Maybe you have already noticed that your comfort zone keeps you tightened up to the past. The future is beyond. Take a look. Reach. Call. Talk.  Create goals. Plan. Do. Shape your destiny.

Life does not just “happen”, life is what we make of it.

Stop letting others tell you what to do, stop letting those words turn over and over in your mind, stop listening to all those voices telling you that you should beware, that you are not good enough, that you have to wait and see.  There is a time for being, and there is a time for taking action. Both equally important. Whatever you are dealing with right now, be it joyfully optimistic or overwhelmingly difficult, is an expression of change. Welcome it, as it would happen anyway, like cells of your skin dying every day to make a place to new ones coming underneath, like clouds that come and go.

Free Trial Session

Face-to-face 45 minutes coaching session

Allows to evaluate the possibilities and benefits of being coached, explore compatibility with your coach and gives you the opportunity of asking the questions that may still exist about coaching in general.

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About Me

Anca Pop

So much more than our own bodies, we are the sum of experiences and unique perceptions about life as we know it. Who I am today is a mix of happenings – and the emotions that surged out of them, but also reflection and work on identifying issues and expanding the horizons of my own self. And constantly dealing with them. Solving. Improving. Discovering new layers. Becoming wiser in the process.
Who I am today is passionate about helping people grow in this constantly changing environment that we call life. My coaching training added substance to that passion. I intend to share the result as much as I can.

My goal? To witness as many “aha” moments as possible from people while coaching them towards their goals and better selves. To nourish the creation of new positive energy to be transmitted to those who manifest a need for, as my humble contribution to this world.

Why Do You Need a Coach?

A Coach is:

Someone like you – the result of life experiences where the joy of success interlaces the learning process that failure brings along. Someone whose passion is to help people grow.
Someone to back you up unconditionally.
Someone to tell you that you can do what you set your mind on and to remind you of your power.
Someone who can bring another objective angle to your own analysis.
Someone to support your efforts like a true friend, but with the detachment of a professional.
Someone who understands your pace, and that your vision of the world is unique. Just like you.

Let’s Work Together

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    What Others Say about Me

    Anca Pop is a great coach as well as a nice person. We did work together and I found her really a cooperative and loving person. Her qualification,  life and work experience made her the best coach for me.